Yorkshire Marathon and 10 Mile

Good luck to our Eagles running in the Yorkshire Marathon and 10 Mile races this coming weekend (Sunday 9th October).

The marathon race starts at 9:30am and the 10 mile race starts at 10:15am.

If you want to keep up with our runners on the day then get the Live Tracking App (http://live.sporthive.com/event/2051) or via the Live Tracking web page (http://live.sporthive.com/event/2051/Live).

Anita Savage Grainge Bib 3573 (26.1 mi)
Emma Savage Bib 4832 (26.1 mi)
Rodger Martin Bib 802 (26.1 mi)
Nathaniel Snell Bib 2276 (26.1 mi)
Sean Boland (26.1 mi)
Fiona Snell Bib 10008 (10 mi)
Alex Stonehouse Bib 10002 (10 mi)